Extreme Powerful Shower Head

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Extreme Powerful Shower Head

Pure Rain – Extreme Superjet Powerful Shower Head (MADE IN KOREA)
Clean – Refreshing – Powerful – Healthy
(Increase pressure up to 5x times)

Imagine getting the ultimate refreshment first thing in the morning. A day that starts right enables u to conquer the urban world and its untold challenges.
So how might one start their day feeling ultimately refreshed, you may ask. The answer lies only a few feet away from your bed.

Get an extremely powerful shower that is enriched with negative ions and only gives u the cleanest of water with its purifying effect. Enjoy ultimate refreshment – Everyday.

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Did you know?

You actually take in a significant amount of dirty water (rust) when taking a bath. The rust in the water is harmful to our delicate skin.
A fact very few people are aware of is that, these fine rust particles can clog up the skin pores hence causing dark spots to appear over time on your skin.


1) Helps remove rust and other dirt particles.
2) Improves skin condition by giving a negative ion shower.
3) Increases water pressure up to 3 times.
4) Water saving of up to 30% of water (Pure Rain water flow rate 8 litre per min  v.s  Normal shower heads are 13 litres per min).

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  • Extreme Powerful Shower Head

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Extreme Powerful Shower Head