Leaky Gut Syndrome: What You Need to Know

Leaky Gut Syndrome: What You Need to Know

Leaky Gut Syndrome: What You Need to Know
Digestive disorders are among the most common conditions in Singapore and the Western world. One of the problems with digestion that you hear about more often is a leaky gut. This condition leads to all sorts of annoying symptoms that can greatly confuse your day. Also, a leaky gut has a significant impact on your health because it can affect your immune system and lead to all kinds of other diseases and ailments. If you are in Singapore, you will attest to the fact that so many people are victims of leaky gut. What is leaky gut syndrome and what do you need to know about it?

The intestine is naturally permeable, allowing very small molecules to pass so that the body can absorb important nutrients. In fact, the regulation of intestinal permeability is one of the basic functions of the cells that are found in the intestinal wall. But when the integrity of the intestinal mucosa is compromised, openings between the epithelial cells of this barrier (called close joints) allow the passage of toxins, microbes and undigested food particles into the bloodstream, among others, making it possible for everything to circulate through our body, leading a significant increase in inflammation.

Are you suffering from bloating due to the accumulation of gas or chronic constipation, frequent colds, rhinitis or asthma? Do you ever feel more fatigued or anxious? Is your weight going up or were you diagnosed with a disease recently? Your gut may have increased its permeability.

It is quite possible that you may be suffering from leaky gut syndrome and you are not even aware of it since it can occur in very different ways. The digestive system is our passport to health. If the digestive system is functioning optimally, you are most likely to be healthy. However, increased intestinal permeability can lead to some health problems.

Leaky gut syndrome is a disorder that is increasing at an alarming rate in many people nowadays. Many think that the condition only affects the digestive system. In fact, a leaking bowel can lead to many other health problems. The syndrome can be caused by food allergies, low energy levels, joint pain, thyroid problems, autoimmune diseases and slow metabolism.

The leaky gut syndrome (LGS) is a condition in which the intestinal wall loses its integrity. As a consequence, the intestinal wall passes more than the intention is. In fact, there are holes in the intestinal wall. And through the intestinal wall, unintentional food nutrients, harmful substances, bacteria, parasites, fungi, and viruses enter the blood. The inner lining of the intestinal wall is a mucous membrane that forms the boundary between the outside and the inside of the body. Everything that comes through the mouth gets into the intestine and is selected in the intestine for usefulness, after which the residual material is excreted. The major part of the human immune system is therefore located in the intestine, where unwanted intruders are kept out of the body and rendered harmless.

Leaky gut syndrome is also known as leaking intestinal syndrome. It is a condition in which there are minuscule holes in the nodes between the cells of your intestinal tract due to an imbalance in the intestinal flora. If you have a leaking gut, these harmful substances can penetrate the intestinal wall and get into your bloodstream, and they can spread throughout the body. Also, partially digested food can penetrate your body this way. In addition to the fact that a leaky gut brings in all kinds of harmful and undigested substances in the body, this condition also causes healthy nutrients to be absorbed by the body.

Due to a leaking gut, a large number of diseases and conditions get the chance to develop. When harmful substances enter your body, it can lead to an uncontrollable moisture accumulation, hormonal imbalance, and stress.

Diagnosis is crucial for any abnormalities noticed in the body system. Take time to go for diagnosis. If you are in Singapore, many health centers are out to give you a correct diagnosis of any health condition you have. Remember that health is wealth and don’t take your health conditions with any form of levity.

Leaky gut syndrome, if diagnosed early, has different means of getting it treated. So, do the right thing today to know your health state.

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  • Leaky Gut Syndrome: What You Need to Know

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Leaky Gut Syndrome: What You Need to Know