Make Money From Referrals Singapore Bema Seat

Make Money From Referrals Singapore Bema Seat

Make Money From Referrals Singapore by Bema Seat

Be part of Midas Touch consultants to make money from referrals. When you refer customers to other people, you get paid. If you are selling or providing services and products, if other people refer customers to you, you get new clients. Win-win situation.

For example, you are an accountant. Your client tells you heed to get $X funding for his business. Refer them to us and we will get the funds for your clients. In return, you get paid a portion of our commission.

If you are a Property Agent or Insurance agent with customers who own private properties, we’d like you to contact us too as we have a platform which will help you to get more business. Get yourself invited to our small group meetup to learn more. Email to get yourself invited.
Make Money From Referrals Singapore – Services we provide:
-Corporate finance (including project funding)
-Import and Export
-Trade Representation
-Corporate Advisory Services
-Physical Gold
-Data Mining

Get a free consultation on the future trend of business in next 5 years. As a data miner, we can share with you our insight. You can then decide how to structure a Plan B. Next few years, Singapore economy will be in very bad shape.
Make Money From Referrals Singapore – About Us
Lawrence has more than 40 years in various experiences from auditor, tax consultant, secretarial, journalist, business manager, EDP manager, purchaser, financial planner and business development manager. He has experiences with international business and trade as he used to operate companies in Batam in indonesia and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. He was a consultant to Atlantic Group of companies, Singapore.

Email us at to fix an appointment with us over coffee. No obligation just to make friends and get to know you.

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Make Money From Referrals Singapore Bema Seat