Business Support in Asia by Alp Group

Business Support in Asia by Alp Group

Business Support in Asia by Alp Group

Alp Group is a registered company and established as a platform for Businesses and investors in Singapore. Also known as Alp Biz and Alp Investment respectively.

For business segment, Alp Biz strives to promote business connectedness in Asia. This is in line with SPRING Singapore’s vision to advance the globalization of Singapore enterprises. While building connectedness of enterprises, Alp Biz is committed to becoming the first-choice destination for Asian businesses to use Alp Biz as a springboard to connect with Asian countries. The 4 essential pillars to our approach: Demand, supply, funding and mentoring.

In addition, to accelerates the development of disruptive start-ups changing our world today. We has leveraged the most comprehensive cross-sector ecosystem to nurture the next generation of startups via our Alp Creation Programme in Singapore. Our extensive connections in ASEAN and China provide our start-ups an unparalleled access to the global market for growth and expansion. Thus we are able to provide business support in asia.

For investment segment, Alp Investment aims to build an efficient and effective educational system for investors to learn how to “Buy a Wonderful Company at a Fair Price. This is because we strongly believe that education is a journey, not a destination.

High net worth people are not necessarily more educated or smart. They just know how to play the financial game more effectively than others. Give yourself the opportunity to learn how millionaires make their money work for them passively instead of working endlessly for money. That, indeed, is our purpose: to offer those who are ambitious for financial success an insight which will aid them to acquire money, to keep money and to make their surpluses earn more money.
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Headquartered in Singapore, with 1 sub-office located in Malaysia.

Singapore’s Headquarter:
7 Maxwell Road
#03-01 MND Building Annexe B
Singapore 069111

Malaysia’s Sub-office location:
439A,Jalan Sungai Yu,
Pasir penambang, 45000,
Kuala selangor, Malaysia.


Alp Biz Pte Ltd (Seow Hong Kai)
7 Maxwell Road #03-01 MND Building Annexe B Singapore 069111
  • Business Support in Asia by Alp Group

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Business Support in Asia by Alp Group