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Posted on: 2019-04-19 17:59:24

Why QR Scanner Rewards App Should Be Your Next Download


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wanted to collect on overdue loyalty rewards and realised a little too late that you have left that particular rewards card at home? Yup, we’ve all been there. Missing redemption dates for rewards so painstakingly accumulated over the past few purchases only to see them get tossed in the bin after the expiration date has passed ― again and again.

To be honest, how many of us really consciously remember to bring all these loyalty cards and stamps with us each time we leave the house? The reality is, we don’t. We forget more times than we can remember ― preferring not to cramp our wallets with cards from merchants we may not even frequently visit.

But what if we told you that you can now say goodbye to all these individual cards and simply replace them with a unique App? Sounds too good to be true? Well, not really.

Introducing the QR Scanner Rewards App by ConnectUpz―an App that gives you instant rewards as you shop. Earn a digital stamp each time you meet a reward milestone (preset by each merchant), view and track your overall rewards progress and redeem your rewards once you have accumulated the desired number of digital stamps ― all this from the convenience of your own mobile phone. This means you never, ever have to remember and track physical cards and stamps ever again! What an excellent way to elevate your shopping experience! Let’s look at some other reasons why you should download this App, Pronto!

Integrated Loyalty Card Feature

It is the first integrated QR Scanner App with a loyalty card feature. It allows you to scan a merchant’s unique QR code directly from your mobile phone.  For instance, if you have just bought a cup of coffee and want a loyalty stamp for your purchase, no problem! Just download the App, scan the merchant’s code and voila! ― the digital reward card is instantly saved in the App. Collect all the digital stamps after each visit and redeem the predetermined rewards set by each merchant―easy peasy!

It Frees Up Your Wallet Space!

Lighter wallets, here we come! An App that can be accessed directly from your phone means more free space in your wallet. Bid farewell to bulging wallets decked to the brim with loyalty cards from different merchants that have been loyally (pun fully intended) fighting for a good spot in your wallet all these years. All these can now be safely replaced by this awesome App that you can use at your own convenience. And the best part? Your phone is always with you so you will never miss a reward redemption date ever again!

Win Attractive Prizes!

Stand to win attractive prizes when you invite others to download the QR Scanner Rewards App. Don’t forget to furnish them with your unique invitation code to earn coins for yourself. Accumulate as many coins as you can and redeem them for sure win prizes! Keep a lookout as well, for lucky draws and contests from participating merchants regularly!

Download the QR Scanner Rewards App and scan your way towards greater rewards today!


About the Author

Nisha Abu Bakar is a copywriter and content creator for BeeJaune Consultancy Pte Ltd. Her portfolio includes advertorials, blog articles and social media content.