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Posted on: 2020-05-26 13:37:45

Connect My Business


How do customers find a small business like yours with a loyalty program?

When consumers are looking for a business, they go online to find what they want. As your business is just one of many on Facebook and Google, it is unlikely they will find your business amongst those who pay for advertising.

This is where the mobile app QR Scanner Rewards, by ConnectUpz has over 400,000 shoppers, who are looking for businesses like yours, specifically with loyalty programs. Your business can’t be missed as it will be displayed in the first page to all customers nearby your location! Isn’t that a better solution?




Once shoppers click on your business, it’s easy for them to learn about your rewards program and enroll into it. They can claim rewards by visiting your physical location, online store (if you have one) or contact you directly and make reservations.


Given that 81% of shoppers check out four or more businesses during a search, how are you making sure your business stands out? That is where ConnectUpz comes in.


How to Connect Your Business on QR Scanner Rewards

Taking a step back, what does ‘connect your business’ mean? When you connect your business, you will gain access to free and effective tools to showcase your business and engage with your shoppers. You will be able to capture your customer data, update your rewards mechanics, operating hours, add details about your business like your social media, e-store and web pages and send promotional offers to your clients on their birthday month. This helps to elevate your business and branding in the app to customers who are near your business in a multi-merchant app that has $0 cost of getting started.

The benefits of ‘connecting’ your business go beyond branding: businesses get more than double the engagement from potential shoppers with the QR Scanner Rewards app which includes more store visits and participation in their loyalty program.


To ‘connect’ your business, simply:

  1. Reply your business email address and facebook page (if available) to our "Connect My Business" message sent via email, Messenger or WhatsApp.
  2. We will then ‘connect’ your business in the app and send you a verification email with the login credentials.
  3. Subsequently, you can login with the credentials and update your business details.
  4. Finally, you can invite your customers and friends to participate in your loyalty program.