About Us

ConnectUpz drives customers to your business through our SEO Business Listing. We are the only business directory to offer this. We have combined the power of a business directory with a team of Search Engine Optimization Experts.

7 Reasons To Join ConnectUpz

1. We help small business get more traffic.
2. Search our business directory for B2B collaboration.
3. Participate in our business forum to ask questions and to learn from fellow entrepreneurs.
4. Learn through easy to understand videos & blogs about business, marketing and much more.
5. Visit networking events or workshops created and hosted by fellow members.
6. Let our SEO team help you gain greater visibility for your business on Google, from just $10/mth.

7. Oh yeah, did we mention – It’s Free to Join.


Increase your business visibility online by getting listed on Search Engines. Now even without your own website, we can help you connect to the global platform by getting your Business Listing on Google and Yahoo. Gain awareness for your business today by being found online.


Collaboration increases opportunities and connections makes each business more resilient. At ConnectUpz, we also help your business find the potential collaborations that you are looking for. With our Business Directory database, connect up with other users to grow your business.


ConnectUpz helps you capitalize on your increased online visibility. Join the largest ‘community’ of micro small medium enterprises (MSME) online and get to link up with fellow entrepreneurs. Enhance your online reputation, grow your network and ultimately increase your sales.