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At Connectupz, we wanted to solve the problem of declining sales for small business owners all of the world who are feeling the hard effects of competing with large brands or online platforms.
Although the problem being face by these businesses is the declining sales, the solution actually lies in the marketing strategy of the business. The marketing funnel is a strategy used by many big brands to increase sales. With research showing that 84% of consumers are more likely to choose a retailer with a loyalty program, it is important for small business owners to have a scalable loyalty rewards program that is able to grow together with their needs.
We wanted to give a simple but effective marketing funnel tool that would work for all retail merchants and small business owners, who have little or no budget for developing a marketing funnel or implementing it successfully.

That is why at Connectupz, we created the world’s first QR Scanner Rewards App, a functional and effective marketing funnel tool with customizable loyalty rewards and customer relationship management (CRM) features.
The QR Scanner Rewards App will bring a new retail revolution that will reward customers for the things they already do everyday and bring more visibility and sales for merchants, creating a win-win solution like never seen before.
Made specifically for small business owners and retail merchants, the mobile app works as a tool to scan the QR code of the merchant loyalty card which captures details such as the customer and the stamp awarded which is all compiled at the merchant dashboard analytics.
Best of all, we are offering this tool as a freemium product which allows anyone to create a Free merchant account to start off, and will still get to enjoy the many features that is suitable for startups. We also designed the platform to grow with the merchants, so get to decide which plan suits them best and at which stage of their business needs with affordable pricing for all the tiers.

Gain new customers & increase your sales through your very own customised loyalty rewards app with our QR Scanner Rewards App. Connect - Reward - Measure.


Connecting with new or existing customers has never been easier. Our loyalty rewards app helps to build a relationship with your customers both offline and online. Now you can share upcoming promotions with your loyal customers though the customer push notifications and gain greater reach to new customers in your locality.


Rewarding customers with customized discounts, free gifts and more has never been easier with just a few simple clicks to setup your digital rewards card. With just a simple scan, get to know your customers better and be able to reward with birthday deals and more. Your customers will love the simplicity of using a digital loyalty rewards card.


Measuring valuable data for your business is a vital part of any business growth. Gathering analytics on new customer acquisition, knowing your customers better and data on which are the busiest times of the month, could be the vital information you may be looking for to bring your business to the next stage.